I'm a new entrepreneur and need some help setting up my social media.

My mission is to reduce the mundane day to day tasks that take you away from running your business and working with your clients.

I help entrepreneurs streamline their business by implementing workflows, processes and procedures that free up time, reduce stress, and allow for their business to run efficiently.


Daily Operations + Management

Let me assist you to streamline, optimize and manage your business. As a VA my mission is to reduce the mundane day to day tasks that take you away from running your business and working with your clients. These tasks can range anywhere from email management to workflow optimization.

Inbox Clean-Up

Is your inbox full of unread emails and you never seem to get them all answered or organized? Email is one of the most important parts of any business. Don't miss a lead, client requests, or important notifications regarding your business. 

Social Media Management + Marketing

Having a business and online presence can become a large, time consuming part of the job. Learn how the right VA can help your business do the same so that you can focus more on your clients.

Business Organization + Startup

Are you just starting up and need help getting  your business organized? Such as  setting up your CRM, creating new forms for your business, need a new process for how you onboard clients? I can help!


“Partnering with Yeri was game changing for my business. I run a copywriting agency to coordinate dozens of monthly projects among a team of five writers, and I did more business last quarter than I ever have, thanks in no small part to Yeri's services. As a virtual assistant, Yeri Bridgett has been managing my email inbox and calendar as well as performing data projects, and I experienced an immediate improvement in my day-to-day operations. Yeri was able to quickly identify gaps and inefficiencies in my business systems, and she recommends and executes solutions that allow me to post more deliverables sooner. Yeri routinely identifies problems and suggests solutions before I even realize there's an issue, and goes above and beyond. I have found Yeri to be very professional, prompt, and thorough in our daily work together. I wholeheartedly endorse her skills and services."


“I worked with Yeri for 3 months. She was my social media manager and lifted a burden off of my shoulders in managing that aspect of my business. She took all of my ideas, inspiration and transformed my IG page. I was able to give her those tasks I didn't enjoy and she not only did a good job she exceeded my expectations. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting a social media manager or virtual assistant. She was easy to work with and helped me to hone in on my business goals and how to achieve them in the short time we worked together."



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