4 Tools I Use to Create and Manage Content for My Social Media & Website

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Having a business and trying to gain followers online can become a large time consuming part of the job. Over the last few years of creating content for my blog, instagram, writing and editing blog posts, and launching my site I've developed a group of tools that have helped me streamline my social media process online.

Here are the 4 main tools I use to create and manage my instagram, facebook, and blog content:


One of the main key factors in growing your social media following is consistency; however that might look. Whether it's two, five, or seven times a week it's best to be consistent with your posting. One way I do this is by scheduling my instagram and facebook posts using an automated application called LATER. I spend a couple hours every 2-3 weeks editing photos, organizing my layout, writing captions, selecting hashtags and then use LATER to schedule each post on instagram and facebook. This saves me from trying to figure out what I'm going to post each day on the fly; which can take up an hour of my time that could have been spent on engaging with my followers.


Another application I use daily is called Canva; I've fallen in love with all it can do! From simple graphics with quotes to more complex worksheets or presentations; you can do it all in Canva. I create unique content for all my social media platforms here using my brand colors, stock photos, and text related to the topic of the graphic. I'm able to present my brand and content that is visually appealing and encourages people to engage.


Google has developed so many applications it's incredible; and I use them pretty much everyday. One of main reason is the cloud storage and access Google gives you. With Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets I'm able to jot down ideas, organize files, write out my blog posts, as well as share and edit them. I write my blog posts out in Google Docs; just writing everything I have to say with no final formatting or anything. I can highlight and leave comments for sections I want to come back to later on or need more time to think on. From there, I can easily share the file to a friend for proof reading and they can make editing suggestions. And since everything is on the cloud I can access these files right on my phone if I ever want to work on them when I'm away from my computer or to jot down great ideas.


I remember when it only had a couple hundred free stock photos; now it's grown into a large network of top quality stock photos for free. I go to this site when I'm looking for any type of photo related to the graphic I'm trying to create as well as photo headers for my site. It's easy to search and download photos directly from the site at no cost or having to sign up. Quality is always important and shouldn't be sacrificed when creating content for your business.

With these 4 tools I can streamline my process of writing, creating, posting, and managing my content. This allows me to focus on engaging with my followers and working with them personally to help them achieve their travel goals!

What areas in your business are you struggling to keep up with? Need any help with your business' social media or even creating one online; as a Virtual Assistant I can help with your presence online, creating an efficient process for your social media, daily administrative tasks, research, and more - anything to help you achieve your business goals!

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